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This is a favorite grOH! feature for kiddos, but it's a huge hit with grownups too!

For each size Foam Pit, here is the amount of Foam Cubes we recommend:

5'x5'x2': 250 Cubes

6'x6'x2': 325 Cubes

8'x8'x2': 500 Cubes (2 sets of 250)

Fall attenuation is a critical element for your active play features.

DID YOU KNOW: Foam Pits and Foam Cubes provide EPIC proprioceptive input! This is the squeezy sensation that helps regulate the nervous system!

What does this mean? Why this level?

  • Little or No Installation Required
  • No Power Tools Required
  • 30 Minutes(or less) Install Time

The grOH! Shop advises owners of all active play products to have installation completed by an experienced, licensed, and insured general contractor.

Design Tips From Playroom Pros
  • Foam Cubes are great for soft building play (and then knocking builds down!)

  • Make a fun game by throwing the cubes back into the pit to make cleaning up just as fun as playing!

Play and learn?!

Educational Benefits of a grOH! Playroom

the more you know, the more you groH!

Rooted in decades of educational and developmental research, grOH! brings play-based learning to your home with easy & fun products for kids and kids at heart!

Educational experts Anne and Jodi started grOH! with a mission, to make play EASIER for families!

The grOH! Shop has been curated just for YOU by the grOH! Playrooms Team, the industry leader in transforming the way families live and play!

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