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The best monkey bar on the market!

Available in a rainbow of colors, and two lengths, monkey bars are the perfect addition to any playroom.

Use monkey bars on your ceiling or your wall as a ladder! We recommend placing monkey bars 12" apart from one another.

Need a safety handle? Use a monkey bar!

What does this mean? Why this level?

  • Power Tools Required
  • Great for Advanced DIYers
  • Licensed, Insured General Contractor Recommended
  • 2+ Hours of Installation Time

The grOH! Shop advises owners of this product to have installation completed by an experienced, licensed, and insured general contractor.

Design Tips From Playroom Pros
  • Mix and match colors!
  • Install on a wall or fort to make a ladder or use as a handle to help get up onto a structure.
  • Shop our Color Collections for our favorite color combinations!
Play and learn?!

Educational Benefits of a grOH! Playroom

the more you know, the more you groH!

Rooted in decades of educational and developmental research, grOH! brings play-based learning to your home with easy & fun products for kids and kids at heart!

Educational experts Anne and Jodi started grOH! with a mission, to make play EASIER for families!

The grOH! Shop has been curated just for YOU by the grOH! Playrooms Team, the industry leader in transforming the way families live and play!

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