Baby & Toddler Swing


Gracefully swing into action with grOH's Baby & Toddler Swing!

WHAT IS IT: A baby and toddler swing made of durable timber, rot-proof canvas, yachting braid, and stainless steel fittings. 

INSTALLATION DETAILS: Does not include ceiling mounting hardware, swing has two attachment points. It attaches with carabiners and is suitable for either inside or outside! 

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: Suitable for ages 6 months to 6 years! Transition from baby to toddler mode with ease around the age of 3 by unsnapping the leg divider. 

Rated for up to 88lbs.

Design Team Tips

Introduce a pop of color with the yellow swing, it's so fun and happy!

Invite your kiddos to push their stuffies and invite imaginative play!

Product Details

While we take utmost care to accurately display colors on our website, differences in screen settings and lighting conditions can lead to subtle discrepancies between the listing and actual product.

Shipping Details

Within 10 business days; Ships via DHL.

To our wonderful Canadian customers: Please note shipments into Canada may have entry taxes. The grOH! Shop cannot estimate these taxes. The grOH! Shop is not liable for any entry or import taxes or coordination of receiving these products; all taxes and/or fees and final coordination of receipt of products will be the responsibility of each consumer.

Shipping costs, if applicable, will be calculated and added to your order at the checkout stage.

Please see our Shipping page for more details.


Installation Disclaimer:
The grOH! Shop highly encourages owners of this product to have an experienced, licensed, and insured general contractor install all mounted products.

Swing Hookups and Hardware not included.

Visit our Installation Tips page.

the more you know, the more you groH!

Gross Motor

You will see your kiddos transform as they gain confidence to move their body, take risks, and train their executive functioning skills.

So many skills kiddos develop are based through their core. This includes everything from holding their head up or rolling over as infants, to walking or learning to get dressed as toddlers, to big body movements and coordination (sports!) or controlled movements like handwriting as big kids. It is critically important to build core strength in order to develop these skills...and the best way to do it? GROSS MOTOR PLAY!

The core strength developed through gross motor play is directly related to a child's posture and ability to move! This helps children become more keenly aware of where their body is in space. They can then navigate the furniture in a room, walk up and down stairs, and more easily get on and off escalators and elevators. Not only do gross motor toys enable more dexterous movement, they also help children improve the coordination between their eyes and large muscles.

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