DIY Mural: Take a Peak


grOH commissioned murals, the perfect way to bring color and fun into your playroom!

WHAT IS IT: A digital downloadable file with everything you need to paint a mural! The mural comes in two of our curated color palettes, with high resolution outline images for projecting and paint-by-letter guide. 

INSTALLATION DETAILS: This is a digital download, not a physical product. A packet will be emailed to you with all the references you need.  

For the things you need to actually paint the mural - projector, brushes, etc are available in our Amazon Storefront

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: The mural is rendered and laid out using two of our curated color palettes, but you are the artist now! Feel free to swap colors from the ones we picked to another in the palette. Or choose a different color entirely! You don’t have to use any of our colors at all if you are feeling extra creative. Your mural is uniquely yours and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

ALSO GREAT TO KNOW: Your purchase also supports the mural artist!

Product Details

While we take utmost care to accurately display colors on our website, differences in screen settings and lighting conditions can lead to subtle discrepancies between the listing and actual product.

Design Team Tips


Shipping Details

This product is a digital download and will be sent to you post-purchase. All of your content is also available in your grOH! Shop account!

Shipping costs, if applicable, will be calculated and added to your order at the checkout stage.

Please see our Shipping page for more details.


Check your inbox after purchase for lots of mural painting guidance!

Watch our how-to video with everything you need to know to successfully complete your DIY Mural!

the more you know, the more you groH!


A custom grOH! mural in your space will make such a difference, but how, you ask?

A custom mural creates a welcoming, engaging, and sometimes immersive atmosphere that captures attention and sparks imagination. There are so many ways to incorporate colors, playfulness, and energy to create the perfect environment for every family!


A custom mural is inherently educational by providing opportunities for kiddos to learn while they explore and interact with it. You’ll see a significant boost in language skills by just talking about the mural!


Murals can have a direct impact on your kiddo's energy and on how kiddos play in a space. Murals can be calming and soothing when depicting serene nature scenes, tranquil settings, or use gentle colors. Murals can also invite active play with bright colors, energetic movement, or high impact graphics.

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