Learn About Climbing Holds

Hold Photo Hold Type Hold Size Description
Green Climbing Hold Jug Size small Jug Small The small jug is a foundational hold for all climbers, offering a secure grip for grOH!-ing climbers.
Purple Climbing Hold Jug Medium Jug Medium This medium jug hold is great for exploring the comfort of hold rotation, offering a secure and ergonomic grip. Ideal for building confidence and technique in young climbers.
Orange Climbing Hold Jug Size Medium Jug Medium Likely the most challenging of the pack for littles, this versatile hold should start as a foothold and transition to handhold as skills develop.
Yellow Climbing Hold Jug Size Medium Jug Medium Awesome mid-wall holds, this jug provides a strong grip for both hands and feet. Perfect rest holds for littles to stably plan their next move with confidence.
Blue Climbing Hold Jug Size Large Jug Large Our large jug hold offers the deepest grip, perfect for two-handed use. Ideal for transitions, such as holding with one hand while reaching for a monkey bar or pulling out of a foam pit, ensuring safety and fun.

You may have noticed that all of the holds in the Littles Pack are Jugs! That's because Jug holds are perfect for little climbers!

Jugs are large, deep holds that are easy for small hands to grasp. Designed with safety in mind, jug holds help build strength and coordination while ensuring your child feels stable and supported. Ideal for beginners, they make climbing fun and accessible for your littles, encouraging active play and physical development in a safe, engaging way!

Don't be afraid to swap holds and change routes often! You may be surprised which holds become your kiddo's favorite!

Why We love this!

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Exactly what you need for your climbing panels! Get a 'good grip' on climbing with packs of holds designed to grOH! with your family. 

A pack of BOLT-ON 15 climbing holds, available in three different recommended age ranges. Each pack level has a different mixture of hold shapes and styles specially curated to make sure any climber can succeed! 

Each pack level has 5 different holds styles, with 3 holds of each style.  

The colors you select will be interspersed through various hold shapes, so every pack will be slightly different in the amount of colors each hold shape will have.

Which pack is right for my kiddos?

  • Use different pack levels to create a well-rounded climbing wall that anyone can enjoy.  As the packs go up in age, the holds get slightly more challenging. There are a few repeats of foundational holds across the packs to ensure you get a good solid foundation as your climbers get older.  A teen climber can get just as much use out of the Littles pack as a toddler can. 

How many holds do I need?

  • Our recommendation is 1 pack of holds per panel for variety and challenge options!
  • You will likely have more holds then you would want on your wall at one time, especially as your climbers get older and taller. This is so you can always keep things interesting by having the flexibility to swap out holds as you need to.

Interested in a custom color combination?

  • Mix and match up to 5 colors to make your own custom palette!
  • Please reference the color image and list color names in the order notes section in your shopping cart.

What does this mean? Why this level?

  • No Power Tools Required
  • 30 Minutes(or less) Install Time

The grOH! Shop advises owners of any active play product to have installation completed by an experienced, licensed, and insured general contractor.

Design Tips From Playroom Pros
  • Mix and match colors!
  • Use the colors to make routes and change them up when things get too easy. 
  • Shop our Color Collections for our favorite color combinations!
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