Climbing Holds


Exactly what you need for your climbing panels! Get a 'good grip' on climbing with packs of holds designed to grOH! with your family. 

WHAT IS IT: A pack of BOLT-ON 15 climbing holds, in three different recommended age ranges. Each pack level has a different mixture of hold shapes and styles specially curated to make sure any climber can succeed! 

INSTALL DETAILS: Using the included bolts and Hex Wrench, putting the holds into your Ascend Climbing Panels is a breeze. Just make sure you get it tight so it doesn’t move when you grab it! 

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: We have a range of colors, the palettes coordinated to match our paint color palettes (Check them out here!). If you have your own palette in mind, you can even mix and match up to 5 of the colors to make your own custom palette! Take a look at the color chart and include which colors you want in your order notes!

Each pack level has 5 different holds styles, with 3 holds of each style.  

Use the colors to make routes and change them up when things get too easy. 

Mix and match pack levels to create a well rounded climbing wall that any age can enjoy.  As the packs go up in age, the holds get slightly more challenging. There are a few repeats of foundational holds across the packs to ensure you get a good solid foundation as your climbers get older.  A teen climber can get just as much use out of the Littles pack as a toddler can. 

Colors shown on natural climbing walls are: Emerald Isle, Lemonade, Creamsicle, Sky High, Grape Soda

Colors on white climbing wall are: Sky High, Island Surf, Coral Reef, Creamsicle

Design Team Tips

Interested in a custom color combination?
Please reference the color image and list color names in the order notes section at checkout.

Did you Know...turning climbing holds upside down or sideways can great new and interesting opportunities to add challenge as your kiddos grOH!

Match the hold colors to your mural or room! Small details like that can really bring a playroom together.

Product Details

The colors you select will be interspersed through various hold shapes, so every pack will be slightly different in the amount of colors each hold shape will have.

You will likely have more holds then you would want on your wall at one time, especially as your climbers get older and taller. This is so you can always keep things interesting by having the flexibility to swap out holds as you need to.

Maintenance and Care:
Climbing Holds are DISHWASHER SAFE! Pop the holds on the top rack of the dishwasher and they will be good as new! (No hardware should go in the dishwasher)

While we take utmost care to accurately display colors on our website, differences in screen settings and lighting conditions can lead to subtle discrepancies between the listing and actual product.

Shipping Details

These are custom made and manufactured to order. Deliveries can be expected 2-3 weeks after ordering.

To our wonderful Canadian customers: Please note shipments into Canada may have entry taxes. The grOH! Shop cannot estimate these taxes. The grOH! Shop is not liable for any entry or import taxes or coordination of receiving these products; all taxes and/or fees and final coordination of receipt of products will be the responsibility of each consumer.

Shipping costs, if applicable, will be calculated and added to your order at the checkout stage.

Please see our Shipping page for more details.


Using the included bolts and Hex Wrench, putting the holds into your Ascend Climbing Panels is a breeze. Just make sure you get it tight so it doesn’t move when you grab it!

These holds are only compatible with the climbing panels offered through The grOH! Shop. Do not swap the bolt for a screw.

DISCLAIMER: The grOH! Shop highly encourages owners of this product to have an experienced, licensed, and insured general contractor install all mounted products.

Visit our Installation Tips page.

the more you know, the more you groH!

Gross Motor

You will see your kiddos transform as they gain confidence to move their body, take risks, and train their executive functioning skills.

So many skills kiddos develop are based through their core. This includes everything from holding their head up or rolling over as infants, to walking or learning to get dressed as toddlers, to big body movements and coordination (sports!) or controlled movements like handwriting as big kids. It is critically important to build core strength in order to develop these skills...and the best way to do it? GROSS MOTOR PLAY!

The core strength developed through gross motor play is directly related to a child's posture and ability to move! This helps children become more keenly aware of where their body is in space. They can then navigate the furniture in a room, walk up and down stairs, and more easily get on and off escalators and elevators. Not only do gross motor toys enable more dexterous movement, they also help children improve the coordination between their eyes and large muscles.

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