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The perfect playroom upgrade you didn’t know you needed!

Our nets are meticulously designed to provide a fun experience whether your net is mounted on 1, 2, 3, or 4 sides!

The Cargo Net is made with 9 inch square holes for a challenging climbing and acrobatic element.

Use included hardware anchors and loops at the top of the cargo net to make installation a breeze. Select if you would like either one side of hardware included or enough for the whole perimeter (best for framed nets).

Cargo Net Frame is not included. 

Cargo Nets: Unmatched Value for Development
Rope products introduce another form of climbing variety: INSTABILITY.

Compared to fixed active play features, any feature made of rope forces the body to immediately engage the core and large and small muscle groups for stability to complete movement but more significantly: in between movements.

There are very few daily opportunities for this type of whole body engagement. Watch your kiddo's strength and coordination skyrocket by interacting with this active play feature.

Which Installation Method is Right For My Kiddos?
A wiggly cargo net (less sides secured) is more difficult to climb, and a taut cargo net (more sides secured) is easier to climb. If you want a more taut net for easier climbing, do this by adding additional flush mounts to secure the bottom of the cargo net to the floor or enclose the net within a frame.

Framed installation, recommended, provides a solid foundation for any climber, at any age, to be set up for success.

If these sizes don’t fit your ceiling or you are in search of something special, contact us to make custom sizes.

What does this mean? Why this level?

  • Power tools required
  • Advanced DIY skills needed
  • Licensed, insured general contractor recommended
  • 2+ hours of install time
  • Ideal for permanent fixtures or more complex setups
  • Requires careful planning and execution

The grOH! Shop advises owners of this product to have installation completed by an experienced, licensed, and insured general contractor.

Design Tips From Playroom Pros
  • A cargo net is a great addition to a gross motor circuit. Place it next to a rock wall and monkey bars for great circular obstacle course.

  • A cargo net is a great way to divide a gross motor area from the other parts of the playroom.

  • If you’re incorporating wood tones and natural materials, go with the natural color rope. If you’re going with a clean look, choose the white rope option.
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Educational Benefits of a grOH! Playroom

the more you know, the more you groH!

Rooted in decades of educational and developmental research, grOH! brings play-based learning to your home with easy & fun products for kids and kids at heart!

Educational experts Anne and Jodi started grOH! with a mission, to make play EASIER for families!

The grOH! Shop has been curated just for YOU by the grOH! Playrooms Team, the industry leader in transforming the way families live and play!

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