grOH! For It

A grOH! Playrooms' Bespoke Design that is light, bright, and plain 'ol fun!

For the littles in this family, the playroom is the perfect foundation for them to grOH! into whatever may spark their interests!

Coolest New Hangout

Knot your average playroom has a feature as cool as a rope tunnel! Elevate the fun, bring laughter, and spark joy to every adventure!

What size is this playroom?

This playroom is approximately 385 square feet and 10 foot ceiling height.


Vertical art storage will change your life!

This provides easy access to materials kiddos can use freely, creates a more usable surface area, and makes cleanup a breeze!

Know with grOH!

Music is very important to this family, so incorporating a stage for their emerging performers was a must-have in this space!

Fort Fun!

Every fort is unique! You can find an imagination station on the first level complete with a play kitchen, costume hooks, a mirror, and magnet panel! Having an open ended structure is so wonderful for imagination play! The environment continuously supports our littles to immerse themselves in storytelling!

"Am I allowed to go down the slide too?"


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