Let's Dive In!

U.F.OH! My goodness

A grOH! Playrooms' Bespoke Design that's totally out of this world!

Totally Immersive Play!

But where to play first?

There are so many ways to interact with the active play elements and the 2 level fort!

Imaginations Soar!

The playhouse in this space is such a wonderful addition to the playroom!

FUN FACTS: the grOH! Design Team calls the window ledge a Pie Shelf! Incorporating that extra surface is really helpful for our little storytellers during imagination play!

Showcase Beautiful Creations

Art Galleries are one of the greatest ways to display art created by our kiddos! They create unparalleled empowerment for grOH!-ing creatives!

Know with grOH!

We're all about making play EASY! One thing that we prioritize in every space is functional lighting for grownups. This includes things like a master light switch and motion detector lights in forts and playhouses! This fort has motion lights incorporated into the design to facilitate play, aid cleanup, and save energy!

The Heart of the Playroom

Th Toy Hub in this space is one level for the littles in this family, and it provides an extra seat for grownups during playdates!

The Toy Rotation is easily maintained by utilizing a nearby closet for toy storage!

How big is this space?

This basement playroom is approximately 570 square feet with 9' ceilings. It is wonderfully open and allowed for an expansive, epic, immersive mural!

“Everyone needs a place to escape into their imagination and develop their own creative energy.”

— grOH! Lead Designer, Mel, 2023

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